Julie Can’t Remember Jack Shit After The Dentist


Watch out “Davey After Dentist”, “Julie Can’t Remember Jack Shit After The Dentist” is coming for your number 1 spot, dog. Here I am sitting in the waiting room, patiently waiting on mi madre to come out of surgery when The Sports Reporter stumbles upon this gold mine. Thank you, Cameron for recording your wife making a fool of herself. You’re doing your job as husband 100 percent successfully. My favorite part is when he tells her he went and got a shake and makes her believe it was for her until she goes, “oh, it was good.” Then he drops, “Good, because I didn’t really get you one.” Nailed it , bro. Couldn’t have done it better myself. And how cocky is Julie at the end?

Cameron – “How was the laughing gas?”

Julie – “It didn’t even phase me. Nothing phased me.”

Of course it didn’t, Jules. That was just your selective memory. All females have it. Its like when your girl tells you you can go out with the boys on Friday night, but as soon as Friday night comes around she’s forgotten. She then drops the, “I never said that. We’ve had dinner plans scheduled with my parents.” Where at that point you have to bite the bullet and go with it. That’s just how chicks roll. I’m guessing that’s why Cameron made the video. Just a little bit of payback for the Friday night dinner at the Oliver Garden with his mother and father-in-law when he should have been bar hoping with his bros, throwing back some Sam Adams Winter Lager and McGillicutty’s shots.



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