Jeffrey Loria And The Miami Marlins Get Their New Stadium And Then Sell Off Their All-Stars For A Pack Of Trident Layers


Associated Press – The Marlins’ spending spree a year ago didn’t work, so they went the salary-dumping route again Tuesday, shedding some of their biggest stars and multimillion-dollar salaries in one blockbuster deal. The Marlins swapped high-priced talent for top prospects, trading All-Star shortstop Jose Reyes, left-hander Mark Buehrle and ace right-hander Josh Johnson to the Toronto Blue Jays, a person familiar with the agreement said. The person confirmed the trade to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because the teams weren’t officially commenting. The person said the trade sent several of the Blue Jays’ best young players to Miami. The stunning agreement came less than a year after the Marlins added Reyes, Buehrle and closer Heath Bell in an uncharacteristic $191 million spending binge as they rebranded and moved into a new ballpark. The acquisitions raised high hopes, but the Marlins instead finished last in the NL East. Salary-paring actually began in July, when the Marlins parted with former NL batting champion Hanley Ramirez, second baseman Omar Infante and right-hander Anibal Sanchez, among others. Bell, the team’s high-profile bust, was traded to Arizona last month. Under owner Jeffrey Loria, long the target of fan acrimony, the Marlins have usually been among baseball’s thriftiest teams. Management pledged that would change with the new ballpark, but team officials were disappointed with attendance in 2012, and revenue fell far short of their projections.


You know when you’re a child and you promise your parents you’ll get good grades if they hook you up with some kind of compensation? Whether it be a video game, a toy of some kind or straight cash, homie. That was my favorite. But then after you get the grades and compensation you falter and your grades go down the shitter? Well that’s what the Miami Marlins did to the city of Miami and their fans. They promised an all-star lineup and wins as long as they’re new stadium went through and was paid for by the city. They then went out and picked up Jose Reyes, Mark Buehrle, and John Buck to go along with Hanley Ramirez, Josh Johnson and Giancarlo Stanton. Once the stadium happened it was clearing house, a straight fire sale of Marlins throughout the league. Ramirez went to the Dodgers and on Tuesday, Jose Reyes, Mark Buehrle, Josh Johnson and John Buck went up north to America’s hat, the Great North, Canada. It’s the biggest F-U move an owner has pulled on its fan since Sunday Night when the Buss’ chose a guy with 0 championship and an average defensive rank of 25th over a hall of famer with 11 championships. It’s official, Jeffrey Loria is Jewish. He hates spending money and he’ll connive anyone in order to make a few pennies.


4 thoughts on “Jeffrey Loria And The Miami Marlins Get Their New Stadium And Then Sell Off Their All-Stars For A Pack Of Trident Layers

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  2. What an absolute jerk you must be to write such shit. Loria’s moves have nothing to do with his religion, so leave it out of your reports. Charles Finley was an Irish Catholic, and he stripped his club bare repeatedly, and didn’t spend a dime on the community. What of it? The Haases, who used to own the A’s after Finley, and Bob Luire, and Larry Baer are Jewish, (you probably don’t even know who they are) and they spent and spend plenty fielding great teams, and gave back to the community in ways you couldn’t even begin to imagine.
    So leave your dirty anti Jewish feelings out of your newsletter; it has not place in responsib le reporting. Or should I just assume you are not a responsible reporter.


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