Big Ben Cries That His Dislocated Rib Is A 9 Out Of 10 On The Pain Scale



After this there better not be a single soul who thinks Roethlisberger is the toughest quarterback in the league. I cant even believe this nonsense he’s spewing. We’ve all seen this pain measurement scale at the doctor’s office. Hell, I just lived with it for about 8 days when I was hospitalized. They’re constantly asking you how you’re feeling, are you in any pain. I reserve number 10 for the case of being in surgery without anesthesia. Imagine getting your appendix removed while you’re awake. That’s a 10. So for Big Ben to say that his dislocated rib is a 9 is just preposterous. I’ve had a bruised rib and a broken sternum, not at the same time of course, but those were on top of having compromised lungs and coughing a hundred times a day and I don’t think in either case it was above a 6-7. Maybe an 8 at the very beginning once the injury occurred. But a 9? For a pro athlete who gets tackled hundreds of times? I don’t believe it. He has to be the softest football player in the history of football players. A downright Sally skirt wearing motherfucker.

I’m about to have a tube shoved down my nose, down my throat and into my stomach… WHILE I’m awake in a few weeks. On top of needing to have a right heart catheterization while under general anesthesia, sinus surgery while completely sedated, and then a double lung transplant while completely sedated. And I wouldn’t even consider all that a 10 out of 10. Maybe like a 9.25-9.50. So get the fuck out of my face with this nonsense, Ben. I ain’t tryna hear it. I’ll take a dislocated rib 8 out of 7 days, and twice on the weekend.




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