Apparently You Can Have A Kid Underage, Get On An MTV “Reality” Show And Then Debut Your Subpar Rap Skills


MTV might not play music anymore but that doesn’t stop their personalities from becoming musicians, or at least trying. Jo Rivera, better known as Kailyn Lowry’s baby daddy, debuted his rap video for an “Unthinkable” remix. I’m not going to say its talented, because it isn’t. And I’m not going to say he has a future, because he doesn’t. What I will say is at least his upgrading his quality of women. Whomever this chick is in the video is leaps and bounds more attractive than his baby momma. I still cant believe he voluntarily through her the pipe without a condom. I mean, us guys will fuck anything at least once, but have the respect to wrap it so you don’t leave behind evidence. Nothing says, “(so and so) was here” more than the development and growth of sperm mixed with egg.



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