NASCAR- Everything Else Is Just For Pussies


Jeff Gordon is that original G. A straight caucasian thug in the whitest sport ever created. NASCAR- the redneck’s paradise. He just got out of his car all calm and casual after side swiping Clint Bowyer, and then was mobbed by his pit and Bowyer’s. Those 5-Hour Energy guys were out for redemption. Too bad Jeff’s guys had him pinned to one of the equipment/tool boxes. Then it was Clint running through people like he thought the NYC Marathon had just been scheduled for the infield. They were all out for Jeff’s head and yet no one caught him. The man was more deceptive than Osama Bin Laden, Johnny Manziel, and the dude on top of America’s Most Wanted all combined into one.

This is what NASCAR needs though. I’m a fan, but the sport has lost its edge, and its intrigue within the past 10 years. Its just no the same. The rivalries are done. The competition is done. The racing is as clean as 2 bars of soap. Its boring as shit. I want to see guys smashing each other. Flipping each other off. And then running after one another like the running of the bulls. I want to see drama, folks.

Ps, what a pussification move by the broad interviewing to apologize for Brian Pattie using the words “fricken” and “shit.” We basically just saw a destruction derby mixed with a real life royal rumble during a NASCAR race and you’re apologizing for some fricken shit like that. Get out of my face with that shit, lady.



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