Mark Cuban Clothes His Dancers With The Least Amount Of Fabric Possible


Mark Cuban sure knew what the fuck he was doing when he created these new unis for his dancers. But should we really be surprised that a billionaire whom is single would clothe his dancers in the skimpiest getups around? I think not. Mark Cuban is a genius. A pure genius. He might not win the West, or win another NBA Championship, but he’s gonna bring in so much mula just by people like myself buying tickets to watch these girls dance for 15 minutes during halftime hoping that we catch a side boob, nipple slip or that their skirt gets stuck up around their naval. Good news is, it only has about 2 more inches to go.

Btw, the brunette in the middle in the bottom row- to die for. So is the blonde to her left- our right, and the blonde that’s in the middle of the row that’s second from the top. I’d take the brunette all day, errrrryyday though.

Here are some more images…


While Dallas is kicking ass with their getups, my squad out in Brooklyn looks like this…


It’s like they want me to suffer. I know you play in Brooklyn, NY, and you want to keep your image and the image of the city, but this is taking it a little too far. Ain’t nothing sexy about a uniform that resembles a jailhouse suit.



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