Yahoo Fantasy Sports Apologizes For Shutting Down Their Servers During Fantasy Football Rush Hour

I’m sorry Yahoo, but a simple apology email isn’t going to do it for me. Not when I was screwed out of being able to start Fred Jackson who ran for 80 yards, had 4 catches for 35 yards, and scored 2TDs resulting in a score of 25.50 points just chillin’ on my bench. You shutting down your website at noon on a Sunday afternoon during the months of September to January is like Boston shutting down I-95 and the Mass Pike at 3pm. It just fucked so many people over it wasn’t even funny. I had my whole league texting me frantically, I myself was frantic trying to rig my Mac, my cell phone internet and my Yahoo Fantasy Football iPhone app. All 3 were worthless. PMT and I sat around watching football clueless as to what to do with no stattracker. It was something we hadn’t come across in 8 years. You tend to forget that lifestyle when it no longer presents itself. It’d be like if cell phones were just completely taken away from us. Toasters would be swimming in all contents of water and acid would become the new body wash. It’d be a dirt nap for everyone. I can’t live like that, Ken! Give me my fantasy football on Sunday from 11am-11:30pm. Fix your servers during February, March, April, May, June and July. And I’ll hesitantly give you the first 2 weeks of August. But, don’t push it.



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