The Lakers Tell Phil, “Thanks But No Thanks. D’Antoni Is A Better Coach”


I can only imagine what Mike Brown is thinking. “They fired me for Mike D’Antoni? Is this real life? I think I’m about to have an aneurysm.”

Dont worry, Mike, we’re all thinking the same thing. For some reason Jim, Jerry and Mitch thought D’Antoni was a better fit than the greatest coach of all-time. A man who has won 11 NBA World Championships. Their excuse? The triangle is too hard to learn, and its too similar to the Princeton offense. Hahaha. That’s laughable. He only won 6 championships in Chicago with it and 5 championships in LA with it, but yet its “too hard” to institute.

Better yet, a man who cant coach defense is going to be a better candidate for a team that couldn’t play defense. D’Antoni consistently had the Suns and Knicks scoring 115+ every game, but they’d give up the same amount. He never got farther than the second round with the Suns, and didn’t sniff success with the Knicks- with Carmelo eventually giving him the heave-ho. D’Antoni will not be successful in LA. He isn’t better than Mike Brown. Not even close.

If you’re going to fire your coach 5 games into the season, you better have an A+ plan on how to get the greatest coach of all-time, not a  C-lister who thinks he’s running the squad down at the YMCA. I hope D’Antoni starts 1-9 or 2-8 and Kobe fires him too. Then Phil comes in to save the day after he requests $20 mill a year, his own private jet, GM responsibilities, 51% ownership, a role in the upcoming Star Wars movie, and a Forever Comfy.



One thought on “The Lakers Tell Phil, “Thanks But No Thanks. D’Antoni Is A Better Coach”

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