I Don’t Know The Rules, I Just Play The Game


USA Today – The last time there was a tie in the NFL, Donovan McNabb made headlines when he admitted he wasn’t aware games could end that way. St. Louis Rams receiver Danny Amendola joined the club on Sunday, after his team’s 24-24 tie against the San Francisco 49ers. He made the admission to Peter King of NBC:

“Amendola just told me he thought there was going to be a second overtime,” King tweeted Sunday night. “Didn’t know it was over till he heard from an official.”

San Francisco safety Dashon Golden didn’t know either. “I didn’t know you could tie,” he said, according to Bay Area News group. “When I saw both sides walking onto the field, I was like, ‘Where’s everybody going?'”


No one is claiming that NFL players are the smartest of athletes, but come on guys, how do you not know the rules of the game that you get paid millions of dollars to do? That just blows my mind. Especially since McNabb just got ripped for the same thing in 2008. You’d think every player after that would make sure they weren’t the fool to follow suit with McNabb’s statement. Even if you don’t know the rule, DON’T SAY IT! Just go with the flow. 90 percent of your teammates will know what to do. I promise they won’t steer you wrong.



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