Volleyball Chick Takes Ball To The Face


I wanted to start this off by saying “this is exactly why women’s sports suck.” But upon pondering the subject I realized that this is exactly why we need women’s sports. Its a reminder to all of us that laughter is the best medicine. Of course no one wants to sit around and watch chicks play anything, I’d rather take an acid bath. The U.S. government could save so much money by just eliminating the WNBA, but who am I to cure our debt crisis. I’m just some scumbag blogger. This is basically the talent level of females. Mother Nature just subtly telling them, “honey, no matter what you do you can’t get around the fact that you’re going to take balls to the face.” Gotta love Mother Nature. She’s the original bad bitch.


I guess chicks are against protecting their face unless its with makeup, lotion and sunless tanning.



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