Tommy Tuberville Tries To Smack Some Sense Into His Assistant


Huff Post – Texas Tech head coach Tommy Tuberville is going to have some explaining to do even after his team edged Kansas in double overtime. The Red Raiders were going for it on fourth and 2 leading 21-17 midway through the fourth quarter. But they ended up taking a penalty for having 12 men on the field. Tuberville lost it and took out his anger on an assistant, later to be identified by the Avalanche-Journal as offensive graduate assistant Kevin Oliver. Tuberville smacked Oliver upside the head, knocking of his headset and hat faster than you can say “gif.”


Texas sucks. Its just so God damn hot. And redneck-ish. And boring. Its easy to lose your concentration as a player. Thats why you have coaches to watch your back. But what happens when the coaches suffer the same fate? Who watches their back? The answer is no one. Your team gets a 12-man on the field penalty and you get punked by the head coach on national tv. Thats just the life of an assistant coach in the NCAA. I mean shit bro, how hard is it to count to 12 and make sure the right guys are out there? I know 4 and 5-year-olds that could do that job. I have a cousin who’s spelling “red, green, blue, yellow”, all that. Preschool level shit and he already sounds smarter than you. Hopefully Coach Tuberville smacked some sense into you.

Ps, How hard did Tubby hit him? Jesus Christ. The hat fell off, the headset went flying, but  Kevin just sat there and didn’t flinch an inch. Just stared death right in the face and said, “fuck you, Tubby.”


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