Jenna Jameson Tweets Pauly D That She’s Single And DTF


Here Pauly D gets to the Twitterverse to ask if anyone has a shovel and Jenna Jameson chimes in to let him know she’s single and adds a picture from her account. Think she’s DTF? Think she wants the D? If the DJ didn’t have an STD from 6 summers on MTV’s Jersey Shore, then he’ll certainly get one after just one night with Miss Jameson. With that said though, I wouldn’t turn it down. I’d DM the shit out of her, then dick her down where ever she so pleased. Yeah buddy!


Ps, Jameson has since deleted this tweet. I’m guessing because she was hella drunk seeing as how she was tweeting him at 4:57am. Good thing The Sports Reporter thinks ahead and screen printed the tweet. All hail the smartest blogger in the world!



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