Ho Hum, Just Another Honor Beating


Huff Post – Relatives who beat their teenage family member and padlocked her to a bed were all sentenced to two years’ probation in a plea deal on Tuesday. Arizona woman Aiya Altameemi, 19, was assaulted and imprisoned by her family because they saw her speaking with a male acquaintance, behavior her mother said is forbidden by the family’s traditional Iraqi values, Reuters reports. The teenager was spotted talking to the young man outside of her high school in February. Her father, 51-year-old Mohammed Altameemi, brought his daughter home and hit her multiple times. He then held a knife to her throat and threatened to kill her before she was beaten by her mother, 51-year-old Yusra Farhan, and younger sister, 18-year-old Tabarak Altameemi, CBS 5 reports. The two women tied Aiya Altameemi to a bed, secured the rope with a padlock and taped her mouth, then beat her. According to AZFamily.com, she was tied to the bed overnight. Two days later, Altameemi told a school counselor what happened, saying “her family is trying to protect her and they want her to be a virgin for an arranged marriage,” court documents state. The high school notified police, but Aiya Altameemi defended her family’s actions. “We are Muslim,” she told AZFamily.com in February, ““Our culture says no talking to boys, no boyfriend. That’s why she’s hitting me.”


Remember that post about the Pakistani parents who facialed their daughter with acid for talking to a boy? Well here’s an Iraqi family with the same thought process, only they’re a little less drastic with their honor beating. Little ol’ Aiya over here was spotted coversing with a male friend after school. However, her daddy didn’t take kindly to it and subsequently took her home, hit her a bunch of times and then threatened her life with a knife to her throat. Just your everyday after school occurrence if you’re a middle eastern teenage girl. But that wasn’t it, nope, mom and sister got into the mix and went all muay thai on her. Then she goes to school, tells her counselor, and decides to defend her family.

Uhh, bipolar much? If you’re going to snitch out your fam, sweetheart, dont go and be like, “uh no, its alright. Its a part of our culture.” Doesn’t work like that. Thats how you get taken home again and get your ass beat by mom, dad, and little Tabarak. Or worse, they just end it this time with a bucket full of acid like the Zafar’s. Its quite apparent that middle eastern families hate their daughters and want none of them associating with males until they’ve found one that they can sell their daughter to. Fuck letting her pick for herself. Women are like currency over there. Currency that specializes in cooking, cleaning, and baby making. Go against the culture and you’ll get the beating of your life while they shower you with acid. Happy days!


Ps, There’s no doubt that Aiya was defending her family with the knowledge that if the three of them went to jail, she’d be hunted down and murdered once they got out. No shame in their game.



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