A Minnesota High School Football Coach Gets Charged With Child Pornography After His Children Ask Him To Video Them Singing And Dancing After Their Bubble Bath


MANKATO, Minn. — A Minnesota football coach accused of making pornographic videos of his children told a judge Wednesday that the images merely show a skit that his children came up while in the bathtub and asked him to record. Minnesota State, Mankato, head coach Todd Hoffner’s testimony as he asked a judge to dismiss the felony charges against him were his first public comments since he was escorted off a practice field in August, shortly after the university found the images on his work-issued cellphone. Hoffner has been on leave since then. Hoffner, 46, of Eagle Lake, testified that he had told his three children to go take a bubble bath last June so he could get some work done. Hoffner said the children later came down in towels and asked him to videotape them. He said he never directed the kids, and never watched the video afterward or showed it to anyone. The images, in which some of the children were naked, showed nothing more than the children being silly, laughing and dancing, Hoffner said. “There was nothing inappropriate about any of these videos,” Hoffner said. Hoffner’s wife, Melodee, has defended him, calling the videos innocent family moments that were misinterpreted by authorities. Social workers found no evidence the couple’s children had been abused, and a search of Hoffner’s home computer found no evidence of child porn. Hoffner’s attorney, Jim Fleming, called three veteran law officers who have worked on the case to the stand Wednesday to try to show they had doubts about whether the videos amounted to child pornography.


If this is what the world is coming to then we’re all fucked. Might as well build 100 more jails in every state and just lock all of us up. No freedom for anyone. Because that’s how it’s becoming. When I first saw the title I thought, oh damn this could be good. Then I quickly realized that it was nothing more than a father recording his children after a bathtub because they asked him to. Oh and it was nothing more than them dancing and singing. Pretty sure every parent in continental U.S. has a video of their child dancing and singing. And ninety percent are probably after them bathing. Because that’s what toddlers and children do. They clean up and then they run around wildly afterwards- naked. For some reason we all love being naked at a young age. Its like we have something against the clothing companies. There’s nothing sexual about that. However, apparently the law enforcement world hates that. Fuck being a good parent. Fuck recording childhood memories of your kids. Keep them clothed at all times. They shall bathe in swimsuits. With this ruling I’m never even changing a diaper from here on out. I refuse to get charged with child pornography. They can shit and piss in their Huggies until they’re decide to potty train themselves.



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