Virginia Is Officially The Dumbest State And Should Be Sold Off For Puerto Rico

NBC News – U.S. Sen.-elect Tim Kaine may have kept outgoing Sen. Jim Webb’s seat blue, but thousands of Virginia voters preferred a cat to either Kaine or his Republican challenger, George Allen. According to Hank the Cat’s campaign website, he tallied more than 6,000 votes as of Thursday morning. That may have been good for third place, as it accounts for more than a fifth of the write-in votes reported by the Virginia Board of Elections. And that’s despite a negative online campaign by the fake Super PAC Canines for a Feline-Free Tomorrow.


So The Sports Reporter was dead from November 8th at 8pm until November 9th at 4:45pm. Thought it was just me sleeping, but I was out during a football game so I was most definitely dead. The Sports Reporter doesn’t miss football games unless he’s DVRing it. I’ve done that once. Anyway, I woke up to an email from one of Water Cooler Talk’s original fan; a reader from the start. It was this article. Now, this person knows my hatred for cats. God damn I hate cats. All kinds. All sizes. All ages. I just discriminate against all felines with every ounce in my body. I’m also not a fan of politics. To me they’re all rigged. Some signs being electing a 96-year-old dead guy and a 77-year-old dead guy, and now trying to elect a cat.

Who the fuckity fuck fuck wrote in this cat on their ballot?! Like for real, people. This motherfucker has a website, campaign posters, all of that. And there were actually retards who said, “Yup, Hank The Cat for Senate sounds good to me. He’ll make a difference.” We all know cats can’t do shit besides piss and shit, eat, nap and shed everywhere. Completely useless. If Virginia wanted to make a real change- spice up the government game, they should have wrote in Air Bud. Everyone knows dog is man’s best friend. They can take orders well. They listen. And they’re loyal. A dog will literally lay on your grave everyday, all day. A cat will just meow until someone fed it.

Ps, Tim Klaine and George Allen should just kill themselves. How pitiful of human beings/politicians are they when a cat receives 6,000 votes instead of them. A fifth of all write-in votes. Virgil Goode didn’t receive that many votes for President and he’s was a human running against other humans. I wouldn’t be surprised to wake up tomorrow and read that a double suicide/homicide took place in Virginia. And no, I’m not talking about your daily suicides/homicides that take place in Richmond. They’re a guarantee.


I’m voting for this guy every time..



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