A Couple Of Conservatives Taking Their Craving For Alcohol Out On Marijuana

I feel dumber for listening to these two converse with each other. A couple of sober conservative idiots. Can’t stand them.

1) Whether marijuana is legal or not hundreds of thousands of youth and adults are going to consume marijuana.

2) No one I’ve ever come across was ever high on marijuana and was like, “you know what, this weed isn’t working. Let’s do some cocaine, crack, heroin or prescription pills.”

3) No one high on marijuana has ever died from it- meaning overdose.

4) Marijuana is not chemically altered like alcohol and all these other pills prescribed to humans.

5) Marijuana is not a “liberal” thing. It was once legal, and was legal for most of human history.

And if you read, Drugwarrant.com’s article on Why Marijuana is Illegal you’ll realize that the ban was a political thing rather than a safety concern for citizens. And especially nowadays with alcohol and all the pharmaceuticals scientifically created drugs, you’ll soon realize that marijuana is probably the safest and most useful drug for most illnesses and their horrible side effects. If every conservative is looking for the best interest of the citizens and the country then why not criminalize alcohol which kills people everyday, ruins millions of lives, and has no pros for its use? Why, because alcohol is something that all politicians use and marijuana is deemed to be a poor mans recreational hobby. Its a money and social issue. It has nothing to do with its characteristics.



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