Youth Football Player Plays Pop Goes The Ankle

Guess what isn’t supposed to happen? Your ankle isn’t supposed to act like a Flex Round Head Ratchet. Not in the least. I feel this kid’s pain. Sunday morning I awoke to disassemble my bed and frame so that I could have my new one delivered and installed. As we were removing my mattress I was standing on my box spring and Sandra told me to stand off to the side- not to help just incase I were to hurt myself. I laughed her off and said, “I can do this. Don’t worry.” I know sooner said that when while stepping off the box spring I missed calculated and landed on the outside of my left ankle. I heard a popping and a cracking sound and thought for sure I’d broken it. It actually brings about painful thoughts just reminiscing about it right now. It hurt so bad that I wanted to cry. But being the man that I am I told her not to worry, just to leave me alone and that I would stand up in a minute. Finally I stood and gimped my way into the living room.

Good news is that its not broken, just a sprain. I can walk on it and even run a bit. This kid should be ashamed of himself. I’m a osteoporosis patient and he’s like a 10-year-old fully healthy boy, and he can’t take a little ankle injury. Chalk another one up for The Sports Reporter being one of the most resilient human beings to ever live.



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