The Jimmy Kimmel Challenge: I Told My Kid I Ate All Their Halloween Candy, Again


My kid will definitely not be the like the ones at the end. Never will they say, “its ok daddy. I still love you. I just want you to be happy.” “We can share next year.” Nope. My kid will be cussing my ass out, telling me to go fuck myself- saying how he hopes that my blood sugar rises so much that I die of my diabetes. But I wouldn’t expect anything less from one of my offspring. I’d be proud.

Ps, how about that fat fucking black kid. Dude looked like he was 8-years-old wearing a diaper. Just throwing a temper like he was the incredible hulk. However, my favorites were the redhead with the look of astonishment, and the fat caucasian toddler who never spoke, just flailed his feet like the running man in his parents bed.

Pps, A special shout out goes to the mom who pronounced sorry, “so-ree.” One of the most horrendously pronounced words I’ve ever come across. Get back to fuckin’ Canada.



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