Anti-Grade A Prime – Janna Ryan


Is Paul Ryan serious with this as his wife? I don’t know how I got through all the debates, and speeches, and hours of election coverage tonight with just realizing how hideously ugly Janna Ryan is. This guy looks like a mix between Bert and Grover from Sesame Street. The depiction is so straight on its not even funny. Take a look..

I can see why he had to settle for her. He’s no better looking. Mittens was screwed with selecting him as his VP. I mean, Bobby “Elvis” Munson would have been a better choice. He would have just killed every non-Republican. Might have hidden them in some highway, ditch, or just blamed Alvarez or Pope.

But nope, he chose the guy who the close eyes like Grover, has the long drawn out nose like Bert, the eyebrows like Bert and the oval head like Bert. He’s basically Bert. Which is funny because Bert is gay and Paul Ryan isn’t fond of gays. But he’s also not fond of women and neither is Bert so it all evens out. However, Janna’s ugliness does not. Pick you game up, Paul. Either get a dime piece, or drop this whole “rape is a form of conception.”

That may have been a major killer. No woman voter wants to turn in a ballot for a guy who thinks them being raped is an excuse to start a family. You wouldn’t want little Liza coming home crying saying she was raped, only to have to tell her, “Sorry honey, but God wanted this for you. That was supposed to happen. Make sure you remember that every time you have to look at your child. Remember how special the moment was so that when he/she grows up and asks you how you met daddy you can say, well I kept telling him no, but he wouldn’t take no for an answer. Then you were born 10 months later.”



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