What Is Wrong With Her?



I’m starting to believe that CM Punk and I were separated at birth. We’re too much alike. For starters we’re both the best in the world at what we do, yet we can’t get the general respect that we deserve. Second we both dig crazy chicks. But, then again who doesn’t. Third, we both dicked down a bitch so good that we had her on her knees, asking for marriage. It comes with the territory of being the best in the world I guess. Fourth, upon rejecting marriage we both forced the chick to go loco en la cabesa- straight torturing our lives afterwards. But we can never get away, there’s always going to be some crazier girl to follow. Learning that is the most tortured event.

I feel you, Punk. What is wrong with her? What is wrong with all these females? You have the normal relationship crazies, the stalker crazies, the torturing crazies and then the “I’m a female republican voting for Romney” crazies. That last one doesn’t even make sense. Congrats on fighting for equality just to give it away. That just goes to show the level of intelligence that exist within females in the United States nowadays. Good luck ever getting a female president.

What are we to do, Punk? All the titles in the world aren’t helping us. Now we have to deal with triple threat matches and shit. It is what it is, I guess. We could be citizens of Staten Island, still without power and swimming to the nearest grocery store for milk and bread. Don’t tell me mermaids and mermen don’t exist. New York is living proof nowadays.



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