10 Year Old Cheats Death. Now Jumping Cars

That’s one thing about brotherhood that no one but brothers understands. You remain brothers through anything. One time I was chilling, minding my own business eating lunch and watching House Hunters when bam, my bro comes up behind me and chokes me out. I missed the final reveal of what house the really intriguing couple from Portland was going to pick because I was too busy regaining consciousness. Now that’s fucked. Any HGTV fans feel my pain. Another time, my bro went out trick or treating and gathered a nice pillowcase full of candy. What did I do? Waited til that asshole went to sleep and stole all of his Crunch and Kit Kats. Left him with some Baby Ruths, a couple toothbrushes, and Milk Duds. He sorted through his candy the next day and pretty much wanted to kill himself. I mean, really, Milk Duds are a shitty Halloween candy. You get like 3 per box and they just sit in your teeth. You pretty much just end up swallowing chocolate flavored saliva. Anyways, that’s why I’m not surprised Sven is still making videos with Michel. Just because his brother nearly killed him with his very cool and impressive table cloth trick doesn’t mean he stops risking his life for his Youtube Channel.



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