Walking Dead Recap – Maggie Kills T-Dog

Do you know what Lord of The Flies is? It’s a movie based off of true events. Pretty much a group of boys get stranded on an island and run a perfect civilization without girls or adults. Pretty awesome stuff. They form a type of government, hunt and gather food, and live off the land all by themselves. They end up killing some of the weaker boys, but you know what they say, you’re only as strong as your weakest link. Anyways, this got me thinking last night. Would Rick’s group be running the world right now if they just ditched all the girls? I mean, if a group of little boys could survive being stranded on an island for months all by themselves, you don’t think a group of grown ass men could restore human civilization? Let’s go down the list. Maggie single handedly killed T-Dog and Lori. If she wasn’t up in the watch tower stopping Glenn from doing his job by gargling his balls, he probably could have saw the ex-con opening up the gates to the prison and allowing a zombie free for all. Lori was just plain annoying and was the reason why the most fun character of the show, Shane, got clipped. Umm Beth is what, 17, and she’s cock teasing Carl. Carl is probably the most accurate shooter of the group, seeing as he never misses a headshot, so Beth will probably fuck his head up and thus take out the security blanket of the group. You’d think a kid who just saw his mom’s undercarriage and then blasted her in the forehead with a .44 would be able to withstand some mental torture from Beth, but high school girls are a 13 year olds kryptonite. Carol is cool, but let’s not forget that the group spent all of season 2 wasting time and looking for her daughter. That falls on her. And Andrea is pretty much a guy so she doesn’t count. You know she wore jncos in middle school and was the QB in the pick up games during recess. Also, Michonne has swords, so yeah.

Again, I’m not sexist, I’m just saying history repeats itself. I’m okay with women being on the show. Maybe there could be like several women rest stops where Rick and his homies stop to eat, shower, you know. Kind of like a food brothel of sorts. So they get their women fix, but are able to buckle down and get some work done when the time be.

PS – T-Dog must have cried a little inside when Oscar came onto the scene. No way could there be two black guys in the same group. Too much diversity. So when he got the pink slip, he couldn’t have been that surprised.

PPS – I read this before, but it really came to life this episode – Rick and Co. are literally shooting 100% accuracy for their entire run on Walking Dead. Little Carl throwing headshots everywhere, bangs in his eyes and all. Daryl just making headshot kabobs with his crossbow. Carol with her weak wrists just abusing zombies with her pistol. It’s a bit much. Give me a shotgun and with beach ball sized bullets and I’m shooting 30% the most.

PPPS – Rick doing his sad, I don’t know where to walk stagger at the end was awesome. 10/10



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