Jerry Jones To Ground Dez Bryant For Violating His Curfew

Pro Football Talk – Apart from a chronic inability to catch the football, to not misplay punts, and to remain healthy, Bryant has been placed on a set of rules for off-field conduct. According to, now part of the USA Today Media Group, Bryant violated one of the basic terms of his double secret probation. Dez was out past midnight, even though he’s questionable for Sunday night’s game at Atlanta with a hip injury.

We’ve all been 24 before. Hell it’s only been a year for me. However the difference between the average Joe and Dez is that we’re not making millions of dollars at our job. How many of us would have our boss need to hire a babysitter for us? Would need strict guidelines to obey by so as to not get in trouble with the law and the league? How many of us would still hold a job if this were the case? The answer is none. That’s the difference between a gifted athlete and an accountant at H&R Block. We get no leeway, athletes get a shit ton.

When Dez was first drafted I was pissed. Being a Giants fan, Dallas was the last place I wanted to see him go. He was a freak at Oklahoma State. I saw Randy Moss and Terrell Owens in Dez. But what I didn’t realize is that he’s more of a headache than the old playmaker, Michael Irvin was. And not as focused and talented.

The problem with Bryant is that he takes his skill for granted. He lacks focus and he lacks the ambition. Something players like Larry Fitzgerald, Calvin Johnson, and Reggie Wayne pride themselves on. Even with a curfew and guidelines, he’s refusing to follow rules. Instead, he’s staying out late with Josh Howard and Delonte West at a club dancing, nights before his game, during a time where he’s questionable with a hip injury.

But that’s the brain function of a multimillionaire 24-year old who’s never had anything. They catch a quick paycheck and that’s that. If you ask me, I’m no longer scared that Dallas drafted him. Nor am I expecting to see a long reigning career. He’ll be a less productive, shorter term Terrell Owens. Book it.



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