If You Can’t Rap Battle Or Squared Circle Battle, Then Fake Twitter Battle

Hot 93.7 – So after their hilarious Twitter war, 50 Cent confessed that the beef between him and Floyd Mayweather was fake. Over the weekend the two took it to Twitter and threw shots at each other. Mayweather started bashing 50 Cent’s album sales, calling him a “male groupie,” and bringing up Rick Ross. It got so heated that 50 Cents grandmother spoke out on it and told 50 cent to stop promoting someone who was convicted of “domestic violence.” Floyd began calling 50 out on some personal career situations but 50 Cent says it was all fake.

C’mon fitty, you’re supposed to be a thug. Get Rich or Die Trying was my shit. What happened to, “I’ll put a whole in a nigga for fuckin’ with me, my back on the wall now you gon’ see; Betta watch what you say when you talkin’ ’bout me, ’cause I’ll come and take ya life away”?

You went to carrying the championship belts of a man whose job it is to beat another man’s ass to conducting a fake Twitter battle with me. Pussy ass shit, homie. And if you ask me, Floyd got you homeboy. He might be scared as shit of The Pac Man, but he’s not even flinching at you. I say if we can’t get Floyd/Manny, we get Floyd/50.



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