Where Can I Get An “I Just Look Illegal” T-Shirt?


NBC Bay Area – On Wednesday, the Mexican-American relief pitcher for the Giants energetically bounced in and out of cars during the celebratory procession while the Twitterverse went wild about the political statement printed across his chest. Romo was born and raised in the border town of Brawley, California, according to the Los Angeles Times. His father, Frank Romo, is the son of Mexican migrant farmworkers who moved between home and Northern California. Despite the popularity of the fashion choice, there were some who questioned whether it was the right moment to make such a political statement.


This is why I hate the world. All we have are a bunch of racist, ignorant pricks throughout the United States- just look at Arizona and the south, and finally some dude comes forward and pokes fun at the subject- a minority mind you- and the whole media circuit loses their shit. “Oh that’s horrible.” “How dare he do something like that.” “You can’t look illegal, that’s just ignorant.”

No, what’s ignorant is the fact that no one can take a fuckin’ joke anymore. There are literally jokes for everyone out there. White people catch heat, African Americans, Latinos, Asians, females, everyone. Its the way the world works. It’d be like if a female went out with a, “I belong in the kitchen, cooking and cleaning” t-shirt. I’d laugh my ass off. Not because I believe that, but because she was comfortable with herself to wear that. She has a sense of humor with the subject.

But that’s the problem. Everyone wants to say, oh I’m not like that, I can make light of the situation. However, everyone looks for the first opportunity to start some shit. Everyone needs to shut the fuck up and act like it was no thing. Because the more we stress the situation, the more we act like there’s a problem with racism and sexism. If we all just laughed it off and acted like it was nothing, it’d be nothing. There’d probably be no saying, quote, or picture to put on a shirt. But it’ll never be like that. The world sucks and everyone looks for an excuse on why they haven’t “made” it or why their being “held back”. Its because you suck at what you do. Improve yourself or get the fuck out of the way for the rest of us.


Here are a couple of dicks…







Now here is the guy I’m cool with. At least there are some sane people out there..




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