Bobby Hebert Gets Kicked Out of LSU Press Box For Acting Like A Fan


Pro Football Talk – We’ve noted in the past that Bobby Hebert, the former Saints and Falcons quarterback who is now a talk-radio host in Louisiana, is not a believer in press box etiquette. Now Hebert’s press box behavior has gotten him kicked out of the biggest college football game of the season. Hebert was escorted out of the Tiger Stadium press box for excessive cheering during Saturday night’s Alabama-LSU game, Pat Forde of Yahoo reports. Cheering in the press box is strictly forbidden at sporting events, but Hebert has had a long history of violating that rule and getting away with it. Apparently on Saturday night he was so flagrant that they couldn’t let him get away with it anymore, and after LSU officials repeatedly warned him to quiet down, a uniformed police officer took him out.


I once had press box seats at the old Meadowlands. This was back in 1999 I believe. It was Dallas vs the Giants. It was a cold afternoon in Jersey, so the press seats were perfecto. My mom and pops went with me. My mom is a Cowboys fan so I had to bring her. Anyways, I had Emmitt Smith’s mom and wife sitting behind me. I thought I was in for some shit. Boy was I mistaken. Dallas jumped out to a quick lead. They both didn’t make a peep. Next thing I knew New York was making a comeback and sent the  game to overtime where they eventually won it on a field goal. I was through the press box roof with joy. Jumping and screaming my team on. I was 12 year old. Who the fuck were they to judge. And why the fuck weren’t they cheering on their husband and son? That’s bush league, brah. My mom was stuck cheering for New York at one time. OVER HER FAVORITE TEAM! Why? Because she fuckin’ loves me, I’m her son and she wants to see me happy. That’s family right there. So when I saw this I wasn’t surprise. I was actually more surprised that no one had made this a bigger deal until today. Most of you were probably like, “this is a joke, right? Are these rich pricks so stuck up that they don’t allow cheering in the press box? What’s the point in going to the game? To eat caviar, those little hot dog wieners and talk financial investments? I’m cool with all that. I ain’t about that life.”

Well you’d be wrong. It is about that life. They are all stuck up fucks. I ate their food. It wasn’t that sweet. I’d rather have a dog and a beer while freezing my ass off with the real fans in section 310. That’s the football life. Screw all the Bobby Hebert haters. I’m on his side. I’ll defend him to the death. Dude knows what’s good. Knows how to be a good father and support his son. Everyone else who can’t understand that is a prissy press box goer who can sit at home bundled up with their snuggie on the couch while they stay acting like a mime.

Ps, How gangster am I that I was cheering/yelling for New York in front of Emmitt’s mom and wife and I didn’t get kicked out? Didn’t even catch a warning. The Sports Reporter went straight mafia style on those richie riches. They couldn’t handle the swag I was dishing out. 12-year old Brian for the win.



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