James Harden Is Showing The NBA All The Talent He Had Hidden In His Beard


I wasn’t going to talk on the OKC/Houston trade. I just felt like it was inevitable. Harden wanted to be the main dude on a team, OKC had Durant and Westbrook, and Harden wanted a max deal. Anytime an athlete turns down 5yrs/54 million to be traded to Houston, you know he wants out. Houston has nothing but steers, queers, and rednecks. Second worst place on Earth. I’d take a move to Kenya before I agreed to a trade to Houston.

But not James Harden. James goes and makes the best of it. He tells Leslie Alexander he wants 5yrs/80 million and then goes and drops 37 points and 45 points. He’s just hog tying the NBA the best way he knows how. Cowboying on up. Meanwhile, Russell Westbrook continues to ball hog in OKC while the quiet Kevin Durant non-chalantly sits back and watches. Russell Westbrook is just a thug like that. He might only be 6’3″ 190lbs while Durant is 6’9″ 235lbs, but he won’t hesitate to layeth the smacketh down on Durant candy ass. Always keeping the pimp hand waaayyy strong.



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