Poor Man Loses Limbs In Horrible Accident….Wait…It Was On Purpose?

By Drew V at ForkParty – Alex Mensaert got into a traumatizing accident in which he lost one of his legs, but his reaction wasn’t typical of one losing a limb: he loved it. Mensaert loved the feeling of his missing limb and couldn’t stop thinking about other parts of his body to hack off.

He now has no legs and one arm. Some wacky surgeons have helped him on his path to immobility, but he’s also taken drastic measures himself. When removing his arm, Mensaert actually froze it so badly that it had to be removed. 

Wait. So dude gets into an accident, loses a leg and says “That was awesome! What else can I hack off?!” Look, I’ve talked to some crazy people and I’ve seen some shit so insane that I’ve spent years convincing myself I just imagined it. But this is that next level of crazy where you see it and you’re convinced that you’re having a dream because that is the only possible explanation for what you’re witnessing. I mean, Aron Ralston cut off his own arm to save his life. This guy woke up and said “Gosh this arm is a pain in the ass. Always helping me hold things and reach for stuff. Fuck it, I’m freezing this piece of shit off. That’ll show him who’s boss.” Who needs to walk when you have those sweet striped stump warmers, right bro?



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