Is This The Ugliest Pair Of Shoes Ever?


Maryland is catching a lot of flack for preparing to wear these shoes this weekend against Georgia Tech. The shoes are patterned after the state flag and match the pattern uniforms which was designed by Under Armor. I don’t really find them hideously ugly. Not sure what all the fuss is about. Many are comparing them to clown shows, but I don’t see the resemblance..


I mean they’re not even the same color, design or pattern. Fuck one are high-tops and the others are low-tops. Get your shit together Dr. Saturday. I’m thinking the Jets should wear these next weekend that way their shoes can match their playing style.. at straight circus. Could you see Tebow wearing these? Maybe he could actually get his footing down and complete a pass with these things. They’d give him extra stability and sure enough the design and brightness would distract the opponents. Then Nike could develop these as the Tebow 3:16’s. Call ’em the Air Christs’.




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