I Hope The NYC Marathoners Enjoy The Disaster Backdrop During Their Stroll Through New York


Washington Times – The biggest challenge for this New York City Marathon on Sunday could be getting to the start, not the finish. The mayor of storm-battered New York says the race is still on, but flying in runners from out of town will be tricky, and there may not be a subway to get everyone to the starting line. Superstorm Sandy shut down transportation, closed airports, flooded streets and left scores of neighborhoods without power — formidable obstacles for the organizers. Still, they were moving forward with plans Tuesday, leaving open the possibility of changes from past years. “The marathon has always been a special day for New Yorkers as a symbol of the vitality and resiliency of this city,” New York Road Runners President Mary Wittenberg said in a statement. The 26.2-mile route through the five boroughs mostly avoids the areas hit hardest by flooding. Organizers were expecting nearly 50,000 runners before the storm hit. However they have no idea how many will actually make it to start the race. “We will keep all options open with regard to making any accommodations and adjustments necessary to race day and race weekend events,” she said. Mayor Michael Bloomberg said it could be four or five days before the subways were running again, which means they may not be available on race day. Commuter trains may not be operating normally, either.


Is New York’s government renting generators for the millions left powerless in Staten Island, Long Island and the rest of New York? Nope. They’re renting generators to power tents for Sunday’s NYC Marathon. Boats that have been washed ashore are still piled on top of cars. People are still trapped or homeless. Many of the trapped and homeless citizens are dumpster diving for food. Many of the gas stations have run out of gas. And FEMA still hasn’t reached many of New York and New Jersey’s most needed victims. What’s it come down to? Money of course. New York’s mayor newly defines “Jew York”.

Mayor Bloomberg just blatantly jewing all of Jew York while being a racist sexist. Yup, I said it. He goes and postpones the Nets/Knicks game- that’s played indoors mind you- thats 90% African American. All because he didn’t think a majority of the fans would be able to make it to the stadium. At first I agreed, even being a Nets fan. It was best to hold off so that the folks who purchased their tickets could have the best chance to make it to the game and enjoy themselves. But then he goes and says the NYC Marathon will indeed keep going as planned. An event that starts its run from Staten Island (the deadliest zone in NYC left by Sandy), into Brooklyn (that was flooded causing the NBA game to be postponed), then into Queens (which was also flooded and had a fire engulfing 100-plus homes), across Queensborough Bridge into Manhattan (which was flooded the worst), up into the Bronx, and then across the Madison Ave Bridge back into Manhattan (which again, was flooded the worst). The marathon takes place in all five boroughs, so they’re not going to be running, missing the flood waters by any chance. And by the looks of the map, they’re running pretty damn close to New York Harbor, the East River and the Hudson River for at least 75-80% of the race.


So you ask, why do you call him a sexist, Sports Reporter. Simple. Its November 2nd, there is limited days left of decent weather, and the Marathon is the last chance for him to spot some chicks who are scantily dressed, running the streets of New York. Because after this, its North Faces and Ugg boots for the mayor.

Here’s proof..


Now I’m not saying they’re all dime pieces, but everyone has their own taste. Apparently Mayor Bloomberg’s taste is super muscular women who can run forever and ever. To each their own. To. Each. Their. Own.



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