Keep Your Eye On The Ball, Brah

Get. The. Fuck. Out. Of. Here.

How do you hit a ball when you have no hand-eye coordination? There’s a reason they don’t call it hand-ear coordination. A bunch of amaurotics swinging at the ball like Uncle Steve swinging at mosquitoes during the family 4th of July cookout. No chance of making contact, but swinging nonetheless.

How cocky was homie in the spectacles? “Wow tennis. How could bind people play tennis? But then I was like, well umm, the blind people, umm, can umm, do anything they want.” Wrong bro. Blind people can’t drive. Or see color. Or see Melanie Iglesias. Or more importantly, read Water Cooler Talk.

Also, whats with him referring to amaurotics as the blind people? Kid’s categorizing his people already, committing reverse prejudice and setting the sightless back to the days of Louis Braille.



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