Romney Donating Supplies To Sandy Victims, But Only To GOP Swing States, Not NY or NJ

The New Civil Rights Movement – Mitt Romney is sending the supplies he asked supporters to bring to his “non-political” campaign event today — to which Romney invited NASCAR driver Richard Petty — in the battleground state of Ohio, only to victims of Hurricane Sandy in swing states that the GOP candidate has a chance of winning: Virginia, North Carolina, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania — not the two areas hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy: New Jersey and New York.


Nothing like using a natural disaster- one in which took over roughly 13 states and covered more than 1000 miles- to win a presidential election. Then he used a “non-political storm relief benefit” to stage what look liked a photo op. Similar to his running mates in the soup kitchen earlier this month. Now I won’t preach politics, it just doesn’t get you anywhere. Its a never ending argument. I’ll just leave you with this thought.. If you thought I wasn’t voting Romney before, there’s no chance I’m voting for him now.

Obama for 4 more!



Editor’s note: 6:55 PM ET  – Ten minutes ago, CNN updated their story, which we quote below, to state that a Red Cross warehouse has decided to accept donations of Romney’s supplies, though it does not indicate where the supplies will be distributed. This is a direct contradiction of Red Cross policies.

The Romney campaign still is not sending donations of supplies to New York, where New York City and surrounding areas were extremely hard hit.



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