Petition Urges Ann Coulter To Apologize For Using The Word Retard On Twitter

A petition urging Ann Coulter to publicly apologize for “constantly using the R-word” has racked up more than 70,000 supporters since its launch. Dennis Morgan from Norlina, N.C., said he started the petition to “raise awareness that using the word retard(ed) is disrespectful, dehumanizing, and very hurtful.”

In an introduction to the petition, Morgan wrote:

Ann Coulter is a public figure with over [280,000] twitter followers. Her words impact many people and I wish she would take that into consideration when making comments. This is not a political issue for me. It’s all about respect and neither Ms Coulter’s party affiliation nor my party affiliation play a part in this petition.

Coulter came under fire for using the “R-word” last week after she called President Barack Obama a “retard” in a tweet following the final presidential debate. The conservative commentator then used the word “retarded” in a second tweet in which she scolded Obama for poking fun at cancer with the phrase “Stage 3 Romnesia.”

Alright this is my thing, as long as she wasn’t referring to a down-syndrom patient as a retard then I couldn’t give a shit. That’s my motto. I say a lot of fucked up shit. I’m constantly dropping words that aren’t ear appropriate for most people, even over the age of 18. Lately, my favorite word to use is cunt. God I love it. I get hurt, “fuckin’ cunt” comes out of my mouth. Some bitch pissed me off, “fuckin’ cunt” is mumbled to myself. See, I can keep it on the down low. I respect people. Unfortunately women seem to hate the word cunt. Don’t know why. Its no different than calling someone a dick. So I keep using it. Thats just how I roll.

So if I’m going to keep saying cunt than do you think I’m going to drop “retard” from my vocab? If we can’t say retard, how else are you supposed to insult a friend who’s making ridiculous decisions? Refer to them as “not smart”? Or maybe “less intelligent than norm”? Fuck all that. I simply say, “bro, you’re acting like a retard. Step your game up.” STL and PMT hear this shit all the time. I’m constantly having to keep them on the straight and narrow. If it wasn’t go be they’d be shacked up at the Dempsey Resort.

To me, its when you start belittling someone for their condition, i.e. referring to a special needs patient as a retard. Things like that cross the line. If we always go around claiming words are disrespectful and hurtful than our English language becomes useless. All we’ll be allowed to say will be “the” and “it.” There will be no such thing as music, movies, or tv shows. And Water Cooler Talk will then be shut down. By far the worst punishment of all.

Get out of here with this petition. I want my freedom of speech. And freedom to tweet. If you don’t like the words that Ann and I use then click the ‘unfollow’ button. I’m all aboard the Ann Coulter bandwagon.

Give me liberty or give me death, the r-word in one I use the best.” – The Sports Reporter



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