Twitter Says, Pop Out A Kid As A Teenager And Vuala, You’re Blue Check Verified

Some broad in my newsfeed just retweeted a member of the Teen Mom cast. I didn’t recognize the Twitter handle so I clicked it. Brought me to Kailyn from Teen Mom. But it also brought me to the fact that this bitch is blue check verified. I thought that shit was reserved for real celebrities, not underage girls who refuse to use birth control and get cast on a television show for it. This shit is a disgrace, people. I can’t believe no one has complained about this before me. Best believe Twitter will be hearing from The Sports Reporter tomorrow. I’m demanding a blue check. And if I have to impregnate a bitch for it, I’ll do that too.











I only posted the attractive ones because to me, none of the others matter or even exist. That’s how it goes in the real world, right? Unless you have something to bring to the table, get to the end of the line.

PS, I’m disgusted by how many retweets and favorites Chelsea and Maci got for such simple tweets. I mean they just copy and pasted song lyrics. Then 700 teenage girls got all jazzed up and retweeted their shit like it was some Ghandi quote. Sandy should have had directions to their houses.

Double Ps, At least Maci has an iPhone. I only fucks with chicks who have an iPhone.



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