Hurricane Sandy Destroys A Neighborhood, But Don’t Worry, Dude Gets It All On Film, Guys

Of course watching gigantic trees just fall over like twigs and random fires being started is something to view. Kind of an amazement for the eyes. Reminded me of the Twister ride at Universal Studios. But what really made this video was the kid being extra excited about recording it all. “I got that all of film you guys. I got that all on film.” 

Had more reaction to recording than watching his families car get crushed or his neighbor’s car get crushed, or his neighbor’s yard go up in flames. Such a dickhead, self righteous move. And so ballsy at the same time. Who said gay men are sissies who are filled with estrogen? This man right here stayed video taping and narrating. Perez Hilton would have dropped the camera and ran off flailing his arms screaming for help. But not this dude, nope, he got that all on film, guys. He got that all on film.

Ps, He’s gay, right? I’m just going by the voice, his tone delivery and the excitement. If that doesn’t shout gay then my Gaydar needs new batteries.



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