David Stern Hopes Everyone Has Those Affected By Hurricane Katrina In Their Thoughts And Minding Concerns

7 years later and Stern is still in shock over Katrina, just can’t seem to get by the fact that she destroyed so many homes, property and lives. Total ignoring the fact that a bigger, more expensive and dangerous storm just ripped through the whole east coast, taking up roughly 1000 miles, flooding all of Jersey, New York City, and dropping more snow than imaginable in West Virginia, not to mention leaving hundreds of thousands powerless in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.

Oh wait, he meant to say Hurricane Sandy, but accidentally dropped Katrina? Ahhhh. I guess he’s had a lot on his plate with his impending retirement. Finding future vacation spots where he won’t run into any of the African American traditions like urban wear and daps, or the European acting art of flopping can be stressful. It can debilitate an individual. I’m surprised he even made it to American Airlines. He should be on a couch at his home, relaxing or right up his wheelhouse in Minnesota where they only field a team of caucasians Americans.

Ps, I feel like Stern was trying to do his best Kanye impression to Sandy. “Hold on a minute Sandy, Imma let you finish, but Hurricane Katrina was one of the biggest and most devastating of all-time.”



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