The Sports Reporter Presents You The Top Fake Hurricane Sandy Photos You’re All Sharing


Ya don’t say. I’m not going to say I’m a genius, I’ll let you decide, but I did just blog about a photo from Hurricane Sandy where I said there was no way it could be real. Then I stumble upon an article after a buddy posted it to Mark Zuckerberg’s creation stating the Top 6 Fake Hurricane Sandy Photos. Now, the trampoline photo isn’t part of the top 6, but I’m betting my house on it being somewhere between 7 and 10. All this hype about this supposed world ender and yet people are still doctoring photos, or finding ones from years back just to make Sandy seem worse than she really is. I’ll give it to this bitch, she’s got a hell of a PR campaign. Just kickin’ dick and not givin’ a shit.


The moving photo purporting to show soldiers standing guard at the Arlington National Cemetery monument during Hurricane Sandy quickly spread on the social web. But the Old Guard pointed out that the photo was actually a shot taken in September.


The above image is a wallpaper from the film The Day After Tomorrow.


This happened more than a year ago. The original appeared on the Wall Street Journal in 2011.


The striking image is a Photoshop job, combining a photo of the New York harbor with a 2004 shot taken by photographer Mike Hollingshead.


A Getty stock photo from 2009.


The above photo is from a 2009 art installation.



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