“My House Is Underwater, But I Want To Talk About The Jets Redzone INTs”


God damn Jets fans are so torn up about Sanchez’s lack of skill, his backup having no skill and their shitty team being extra shitty this year, that they’re calling in during a hurricane.”I’d like to thank you for taking my call, my house is underwater right now.” Then fuckin’ Francesa pops in with, “…the water will subside. It looks bad now, but it will subside.” Thanks for the pep talk, bro. I’ll just sleep in a fuckin’ boat until it all subsides. No worries. Once my house dries out, I’ll just throw my couch, tv, bed, clothes, rugs, and computer in the dryer to dry them off. My food won’t ruin either. What are we worrying about. Everything will just go back to normal once the water subsides.



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