Justin Verlander Is A Fake, And So Is His T-Shirt


Just another reason for me to hate Justin Verlander. The guy goes out and pulls a broad 5 levels out of his league, and then he fake wears a “Property of Pablo Sandoval” t-shirt. When I first saw this the day after Sandoval went all Barry Bonds on his ass, I thought “wow, Verly has a sense of humor. Maybe that’s what Katherine sees in him.” But after this revelation, that the shirt in fact reads, “Keep The MVP in the D”, I hate him even more. After your game 1 showing you’re far from the MVP. Just because you have a dime piece waiting for you at home don’t go gloating and riding around on your high horse. Stay grounded and keep a sense of humor. On second thought, keep being a doucher, keep losing games, and subsequently Katherine will eventually move on. That’s more so what I care about. That that poor girl doesn’t turn into Katherine Verlander; Property of Justin Verlander; Property of Pablo Sandoval.


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