Are We Really Praising An Orangutan Who Was Shot 100 Times With A Pellet Gun And Survived?

Yahoo – An endangered orangutan has been called a “badass” after she survived a brutal attack, in which she was shot more than 100 times with a pellet gun, Geekosystem notes. According to the Australian Associated Press, the primate, dubbed “Aan” by conservationists, was found on an oil palm plantation in Indonesian Borneo earlier this month with “37 pellets lodged in her head and 67 elsewhere in her body.” Though it was thought that the orangutan would not survive the brutal attack, conservationists say the brave primate has “cheated death.” Sadly, Aan has reportedly gone blind in one eye and has sustained “serious wounds across her body” due to the attack, the AAP notes. The head of the local government conservation agency told the news outlet that she may also lose the sight in her remaining eye and her hearing could be affected. Due to her injuries, Aan may not be able to return to the wild.


Cheated death? Badass? Are we serious here? Anybody else think she’s faking this shit because she’s through with living in the wild? She was shot by a pellet gun. A god damn pellet gun. There’s no such thing as a brutal attack with a pellet gun. I’ve seen a squirrel get shot a half dozen times with one. Then just scurry on into the woods. And a squirrel is one-thousandth the size of an orangutan. Also, what kind of pellet gun are we talking about? Is it a .22? An airforce talon bounty hunter? Or a .177? Because the type of gun can make all the difference. If its a simple .22, I’m appalled at the lack of defense the orangutan put up. However, if it was a Airforce Talon or a .177, then I can see him getting sniped a few times and not knowing where its coming from. But to get hit 100 times and not try hiding once? I think its obvious who would have been the first to die in Planet of the Apes. Some people almost die on the operating table 5 times within 2 hours, but yet survive, while there are orangutans who get shot 100 times with a pellet gun and become retarded paraplegics.




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