Not Sure, But Marcus Lattimore Might Have A Broken Leg

You don’t have to be an M.D. to realize Marcus is going to have a number of months rehabbing in the near future. A knee/leg isn’t supposed to bend that way. Or flail. Plus, you could just tell by his face that shit was fucked up. He kept  looking down, then whipping his head back. Meanwhile his eyes are bugged out like he was seeing ghosts. But I guess when you leg snaps in two from the knee down, your mindset isn’t quite down to earth. He’s more man than I could ever dream of being. I’d have been doing military crawls to the sidelines, stopping to punch then ground here and there, while simultaneously crying hysterically the entire time. I don’t care what you say. I dislocated my elbow at 5-years-old, and that was my reaction. I just militaried my ass to the porch where my dad then carried me to the living room couch. Where I sat waiting for my mom to get home from work so I could go to the E.R. That moment is right up there in my memory bank of “Most Memorable.” So if that was my reaction at 5, I’m guaranteeing that’d be my reaction at 25. Things like that don’t just up and changed. You’re born with your manhood. That’s why when you see a toddler crying all the time, and begging for his mom, you know he’s going to grow up to be the sensitive one. The one who won’t mind talking about his feelings. And he’ll have a real quiet, calming voice. He’ll have television shows where he’s against drugs, and alcohol, and lots of sex. And he’ll probably have some gay, unmanly name like Drew Pinsky.

Marcus Lattimore reminding all of us men..



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