Yao Ming Is No Tiger Woods

I’d tell Yao not to quit his day job, but unfortunately he’s already done that. I guess it cant be too much his fault. He is 7’6″. There’s a reason why no one on the Tour is bigger than 6 foot. It just becomes awkward the taller you get. Either you have to bend over drastically to swing, or you’re getting custom sets made where the clubs are 5+ feet long.

Don’t sweat it, Yao. We’ve all been there. Pick up your head and duff the ball. That’ll fix with playing time. Lucky for you, your swing looks pretty fundamental. Unlike  this ex-NBA player who you might recognize…

Cheaply made equipment. Don’t you hate that, Chuck? I once had a 3-wood head fly off on a tee shot. Absolutely shocked the shit out of me. Fortunately for me there wasn’t a tv crew video taping me as evidence. I just had STL and PMT laughing their asses off. PMT also likes to harass me about it to this day. Schmuck.



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