The Islanders- Jealous Of The Nets, Are Moving to Brooklyn

NY Times – After luring a professional basketball team from New Jersey, the Barclays Center in Brooklyn has now recruited a second team: the New York Islanders hockey team announced on Wednesday that it would move from Nassau County, on Long Island, where it started playing in 1972. The deal was officially announced in a news conference at the new arena in Brooklyn with Charles B. Wang, the owner of the Islanders, and Bruce C. Ratner, the owner of the Barclays Center. Under the 25-year agreement, which has to be officially approved by the National Hockey League, the Islanders would move to the Barclays Center for the 2015-16 season.

The Islanders are a bunch of dicks. Jealous dicks. Then can’t just let the Nets have the Brooklyn spotlight. No, they want to hop right on Jay and Mikhail’s dick. Sorry, Isles. Until you can get your league straightened out, players paid, and games started, moving to Brooklyn should be your last idea. It shouldn’t really be a plan at all. Your uniforms are God awful, your name is retarded, and your play sucks balls. Keep your shitty ass talent, in that shitty ass league, on that shitty smelling island.


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