Americans Not Thinking Favorable Of America Is A Total Terrorist Move

Ranking America – According to the Pew Global Attitudes Project, seventy-nine percent of Americans in 2011 had a favorable view of Americans. That makes the United States rank third out of twenty-three countries ranked in that category. Japan ranks first, with eight-five percent of Japanese having a favorable view of the United States. In 2010, the United States ranked second (Kenya was first), with 86% of Americans having a favorable view of the United States.

Not even Americans like Americans anymore. We’re so cocky and arrogant and self-righteous of a group that we hate each other for it. Instead Japan is the most favorable of Americans. Probably because they lost half their country to a tsunami. Then Kenya is in second. That’s not surprisingly seeing as how I’m guessing Kenyans are favorable of any country besides their own.

I have this feeling that if you’re not completely favorable of yourself, then no one else will be. You have to be confident and love who you are. Us Americans need to start acting more douchey. Fuck everyone. America is the shit. If you don’t think favorable of yourself and your country, move to fuckin’ Canada. Or Mexico. I don’t care where really, just, get. the. fuck. out. It’s that ‘Merica, Fuck The World swag.



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