Danica Patrick Wrecks Trying To Crash Landon Cassill

Yahoo – Danica Patrick was frustrated with Landon Cassill. However, as she drove into turn one on Cassill’s rear bumper on lap 155 of Sunday’s Sprint Cup Series race at Kansas Speedway, she got the worse end of the accident. Patrick entered the corner with her front fender on Cassill’s rear bumper, and maintained the contact through the turn while moving him up the track. Her message was delivered, as Cassill’s car went into a spin. But Patrick’s did too, and when she went to straighten her car out in turn 2, she ended up sliding back up the track and slamming into the wall.


Danica isn’t really helping the stigma that women cant drive. I mean she couldn’t even take out a dude without headbutting the outside retaining wall. Then to make matters worse, Landon Cassill catches his car and ends up with no damage, and cracks a funny to his pit crew. “Rule #1 in stock car racing is learn how to wreck someone without wrecking yourself.” Broadcasters didn’t know what to say. Just kind of chuckled. Then Dale Jarrett was just like, “yup, yup, yup.” And some other dude tried defending her saying, “its all part of the learning process.” Uh, how long has she been in auto racing? The learning process is over.  It seems at every race she’s crashing. Whether its her fault or someone else’s, her car is totaled by the checkered flag. Like, I wouldn’t even trust her to run me down to the nearest convenience store for milk. Or have her rush me to the ER. I’d rather sit bleeding out until the ambulance got there. At least then I’d be certain to make it to the hospital without further injuries to myself and vehicle.


She should just stick to doing things like this..


3 thoughts on “Danica Patrick Wrecks Trying To Crash Landon Cassill

  1. She is a laughing stock character amongst serious race fans, like myself. People are tired of seeing a car capable of winning, with a real driver, end up finishing from the middle back or crashing. Most of the crashes have been her fault in that she’s slow in the corners and in other drivers’ way. The car itself is fast so the driver wanting to get around her has to ‘move’ her. Since she has very little car control she wrecks.


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