A Fan Throws An Explosive At A Player During Soccer Match In Cyprus

Yahoo – An Anorthosis player was receiving treatment from medical staff during a match against Omonia Nicosia in Cyprus on Sunday when a fan apparently decided that the delay wasn’t up to his standards of entertainment, so he threw an explosive directly at the downed player. The blast cleared the scene as players and physios all rolled away covering their ears. There seemed to be some debate as to whether the original player receiving treatment was faking and maybe the explosive was some sort of test for that. Luckily, the result of the explosion appeared to be more shock and terror than physical harm. It’s unclear whether the person who threw the explosive was caught, but there should be punishments to come.



Please tell me again how great soccer is. How its the #1 sport throughout the world and how its the most athletic. Then I’ll tell you how fuckin’ crazy you and every other soccer fan, is and I’ll point to this event as my first piece of evidence. Then I’ll point to the fans in Egypt who set fire throughout their stadium last year in political protest. Then I’ll walk out like a boss. Fuck soccer. Leave that shit to countries I’ve never heard of.


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