The Toronto Blue Jays Voluntarily Give The Red Sox Their Manager – The next manger of the Red Sox will come directly from a division rival, a team source saying late Saturday night there was a deal in place to bring John Farrell back to Boston. Farrell will become the 46th manager in team history after spending two seasons as the manager of the Toronto Blue Jays. Compensation has yet to be announced but the deal will involve a player or players being traded from each team. Farrell, who received a two-year contract, will be introduced at Fenway Park on Monday or Tuesday.

This is why Toronto repeatedly sucks. And more importantly, this is why Canada sucks. How do you, and why would you, trade your coach or any player of significants to a division rival? And not even for respectable compensation. No, Toronto is receiving a scrub no-namer or a minor leaguer(s) to be named later. Alex Anthopoulos must enjoy 5th place in the AL East because he doesn’t seem to be doing anything to improve his club. Rather he’s improving the empire of one of his major opponents.


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