“Let’s Cheer” Is A Joke. A Huge, Hilarious Joke.


I’m trolling the internet for some web stories when I my buddy, King, messaged this to me..

“I’m going through xbox live downloadable games and I see this fucking game called Let’s Cheer! It’s a kinect game. What the fucking shit is this goddamn garbage?” 

So of course I have to Google what the fuck “Let’s Cheer” is. See, Let’s Cheer is this..

What’s wrong with the world when we’re creating video games based on an after school activity? Is Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc., 2K Play going to put out a debating video game next? Or perhaps a stamp collecting video game? Or maybe, just maybe, a sports card trading game. This is a joke. Cheerleading is an exercise. A workout. Put it with Wii Fit or some shit. But, please please please don’t keep making video games based on it. We have enough problems on planet Earth. Like why can’t I just go pick out a pair of lungs at a some store. Fuck a waiting list and relying on people to die, let me select a pair from NAPA Human Parts.

At least fat girls who can’t make the cheer squad don’t have any excuses anymore. Have mommy and daddy buy you “Let’s Cheer”, fatty. Then sit at home yelling and jumping your obesity off. I heard you go from whale to little mermaid in 4-6 weeks.



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