The Original Bounty Program, Reggie White’s Smash For Cash, Was Allowed By NFL In 1996

NFL – The NFL Players Association filed papers in federal court pointing out that the NFL permitted a 1996 incentive program for big hits funded by then-Green Bay defensive lineman Reggie White. The filing cited media reports about White’s “smash-for-cash” program that paid $500 for big plays, including big hits.In papers filed Thursday in U.S. District Court, the union questioned why NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell now should be able to suspend former Saints linebacker Scott Fujita for offering then-New Orleans teammates rewards for big plays during the 2009 season. The reports, now nearly 16 years old, include players from other teams discussing similar pools climbing into the thousands of dollars. In one ESPN report, Troy Vincent, then a defensive back with the Philadelphia Eagles, discusses a similar player-funded incentive program run by Eagles players.


There it is, guys. More proof that Roger Goodell is some dick who’s trying to ruin the great game of football. He doesn’t think about the the shield, or the players, or the game of football, no, he thinks about the revenue. Which is why the NFL had a lockout and they’ve had numerous rules changes and hitting changes to “protect” players, yet they’ll tell former players suffering from head trauma that football wasn’t the cause. Then the players health and the game’s integrity was jeopardize over Goodell and the league locking out their refs over a pension dispute. An act that literally cost a team a victory. How you doin’, Green Bay? Then he talked about expanding the season to more games, causing more physical harm to his athletes. If he’s looking out for their safety and well-being, I’d hate to see the guy who just didn’t give a damn and was trying to make Scrooge McDuck money. Like every player and team said when New Orleans was first under the hot seat, every team had a similar program. And in this case, the NFL actually permitted it to take place. Good ol’ Paul Tagliabue. That was and forever will be my homie. Hopefully he grants the appeals for the players and then goes all Shooter McGavin double pistols to Roger. Then works on taking his job back.



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