Jim Harbaugh Took The Under

Huffington Post – San Francisco bettors will take little comfort in knowing that the Niners boss made the correct tactical decision when he declined a last-minute safety that would have given his team a 15-6 lead and a point spread cover for gamblers who backed the favorites at -7.5 or -8. Trailing 13-6 with less than a minute to play and facing a fourth-and-17 from their own four-yard line, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson completed a 16-yard pass to wideout Ben Obamanu. But the officials called a chop block on Seattle that occurred in the end zone and resulted in a safety, giving San Francisco a 15-6 lead and bettors a backdoor cover. That is, if Harbaugh would have accepted the penalty. But he didn’t. Rather than take a nine-point lead and risk an onsides kick recovery by the Seahawks, the 49ers coach opted for a seven-point lead and the ball on the Seattle 20-yard line. Right now, the sportsbooks love Jim Harbaugh. Bettors, on the other hand, may have slightly different feelings.

Its an hour before I’m scheduled to lay on an operating table and have foreign particles suctioned from my lungs and all I’m doing is trolly google for an anti-gambling commercial, yet I can’t find it for the life of me. You know the one of the kid smashing his tv while his parents were downstairs in the couch? Kid was pissed because he lost money on a call.
I can see it now… all those schmucks that took San Fran +7.5 freaking out, throwing shit, and smashing valuables throughout their home just like that kid after Jim Harbaugh declined to accept a safety-penalty in the 4th. Instead, he had the ball turnover on downs. Yup, the deficit went from 15-6 down to 13-6. That was the difference between hundreds of thousands of dollars in bets. Not to mention +2 fantasy points for the folks who owned and started San Fran against Seattle. Lets face it, guys, the NFL is bigger than we could ever imagine. Roger has the government under his finger. He’s ruling with an iron fist, and now rigging the score of games. Money, money, moooonnnneeeeeyyy, money!



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